Dev Diary #11

Hi!  Another two weeks of production behind us and we’re getting closer to the demo 🙂 Check out all the new stuff – there’s a lot of it 🙂 This week, work has progressed on: integration of car physics with the game in order to create reliable engine tuning. You can find some cool bugs […]

Dev Diary #10

Hi, Another week is behind us! Once again, we’ve spent most of the time inventing, counting, testing, but luckily we also have something to show 🙂 This week we mainly worked on: determining the types of engine damages in the first missions in the planned demo version and designing them checking how changes in engine […]

Dev Diary #9

Hi, So much has happened in the last two weeks – I hope you have been waiting impatiently! 😉 We promise to return to our weekly dev diaries – last week we focused on physics and optimization that there wasn’t really anything to show 🙂 Here’s what we’ve got this time: Matching accessories, spoilers, neon […]

Dev Diary #8

Hi guys! How’s everyone doing? We’ve been real busy recently as we’re currently focusing on preparing the next playable version for testing! We want the next version to have a nice visual tuning, the ability to drive a car around your garage and first missions! Here’s the work in progress: Working on driving physics – […]

Dev Diary #7

Hi everyone! Another year has come to an end, hopefully this one will be a lot better for all of us. And what better way to kick it off than with a brand new dev diary? We know that you’ve been waiting quite a while since the last one! Here’s what we’ve got: Track width […]

Dev Diary #6

Welcome back everyone! Hope you’re all doing great! We all know that Christmas is all about joy, giving and family. On that note, we’re giving you – our amazing community, a good dose of information on what’s been done so far this week. Hope you like it! Here’s what we’ve got: Improving the available car […]

Dev Diary #5

Hi everyone! Another week, another development diary! We’ve been working real hard for the past week and can’t wait to show you what we’ve come up with. Hope you like it just as much as we do! Here’s what we’ve got: Fixes for the Alpha version cars Physics and controller tests Rendering fixes Working on […]

Dev Diary #4

Hi everyone! The wait is over and a brand new dev diary is here. We love sharing with you guys what we’re working on So why don’t we jump right in and get a closer look at what our team’s been up to the past week? Interior embossing and bodywork Interior, matching the recesses, board, […]

Dev Diary #3

Hi guys! We’re back and ready to dive into all the new things that our team has been working on in the past week. So buckle up everyone, you don’t wanna miss this one! Here’s what they’ve been up to: Rim designs Seaming Body material variants New body Engine materials Mission generator (random cars, bodies, […]

Dev Diary #2

Hey guys! What a week it’s been! First of all we’d like to thank you for all the positive feedback. We’re very happy that you’re looking forward to the release just as much as we do and it makes us this much more excited to let you guys know what we’ve been working on. So […]